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The speech of

Emmanuel MACRON

Mister President,
Armada 2019 will set the 7th edition of the biggest and most beautiful sailing ships gathering at the quays of Rouen.

In July 1989, this international event was born with the participation of sailors from all over the world. Thanks to your efforts, millions of visitors and enthusiastic enjoy this date.

Set in the institutional landscape of Rouen, this event has become one of the most important maritime meetings globally and it enjoys great popular success.

In addition, I am delighted with the organisation of this new edition which marks, as well, the 30th anniversary of Armada, and I salute the continuous engagement of your association in favour of the influence and vitality of this territory and its citizens.

Be sure that I support and congratulate you for this anniversary hoping that it will be a tremendous success.

Yours sincerely,

Emmanuel MACRON

Admiral Christophe Prazuck


I am delighted to be able to meet you and I am aware of the particular light that you are going to shine on the Armada 2019, which will gather sailing ships and warships from several countries in Rouen from June 6th to 16th 2019. This event takes place on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Normandy. This precious event also marks 30 years of your association, which puts dreams and a pinch of salt into the lives of millions of attending visitors.
For its 7th edition, Armada will be a huge event about vessels and their crews from all over the world. The national navy is delighted to join this big event which belongs to the city of Rouen and the whole maritime world. We give our official support and accept to sponsor Armada 2019.

Admiral Prazuck

Pascal Martin

It has been thirty years since Armada dropped anchor in Seine-Maritime in order to make its citizens and tourists enjoy one of the most beautiful events in the world in the maritime field.

The Department, which is the  first partner of this event, has always been concerned with the preservation of its popular character as well as the access to the largest number of vessels moored at the quays of Rouen.
Thus, apart from a very important financial contribution, for this edition we have prepared a cruisier mainly to welcome students of the territory and another vessel to allow people with reduced mobility to experience the heart of the event.

At the same time, municipalities alongside the Seine are mobilized to liven up the riverbanks and to facilitate the access to the Big Final Parade to anyone who wants to say goodbye for the last time to sailors from all over the world.

Happy Armada 2019 to everyone

Pascal Martin, Président of the Conseil Départemental de la Seine-Maritime

Frédéric SANCHEZ

I am delighted to see that Armada is coming back in June 2019. On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of this big popular meeting, which has undeniable success and contributes edition after edition to influence our territory, we should measure the transformation of Rouen, our city, our metropole. From the renewed historical city centre to the conquered quays, awarded by the National Landscape Grand Prize, highlighting the cathedral and our new cultural installations, the Metropole has worked to show you our best appearance: a territory that is reinventing itself, at the same time that is linked to its identity and uniqueness, and is welcoming and open to the world. Around our extraordinary landscapes and the Seine, the blue thread of our territory, that is not only urban, industrial and popular but also natural, we will make out of Armada 2019 a memorable moment of collective pride, conviviality and sharing.



Dear Madame, dear Sir,
In love with the sea and the beautiful sailing ships,

Rouen is known worldwide for its exceptional patrimony, its historical figures such us Joan of Arc, Flaubert or Monet, and also for Armada.

Armada represents the most beautiful sailing ships in the world which sail up the Seine to the quays of Rouen.
Armada, is a city, a territory in celebration during 10 days.
Armada is the unique meetings and exchanges.
Armada is 30 years of history, anecdotes and unforgettable memories for the citizens of Rouen.
Armada is Rouen!

The city of Rouen is once again happy to welcome the world with the occasion of the 7th edition of Armada. Come to our beautiful Norman capital from June 6th to 16th 2019.


Yvon ROBERT, Mayor of Rouen

Nicolas OCCIS

The HAROPA alliance of the three ports of the waterway axis of the Seine (Paris, Rouen, Le Havre) is delighted and proud to join once again the Armada of Rouen. Since "Les Voiles de la Liberté" ("The sails of freedom") in 1989, the port of Rouen has been a loyal partner and it has always been very implicated on the organization of this huge popular event. Among the several port services involved, Rouen Port authorities mobilize their resources to welcome the most beautiful sailing ships in the world with the optimal navigation and safe conditions. The territorial services intervene by helping ground operations. Big sailing ships, national warships, cruisers and crews will fill with life the city and 7 km of quays for 10 days. The millions of visitors expected for this 7th edition will be able to enjoy the new constructions along the riverside of the city of Rouen, its Metropole and its port. The city center will be moved to the Seine riverbanks which have changed vastly in the last years. The port of Rouen will be also proud to show off sailors coming from all over the world. One year prior to the event, volunteer teams are already in active lead by their President, Patrick Herr. Thanks to all for this beautiful free event which gathers Rouen citizens and visitors along the Seine and reminds them the glorious maritime history of our city and its port which keeps and will keep blending together in the present and the future.

Nicolas Occis, President of HAROPA, CEO of HAROPA - Port of Rouen

Vincent LAUDAT

Rouen will celebrate in 2019 the 7th edition of Armada, the gathering with the most beautiful vessels in the world. During 10 days, the city becomes the first international port, a showcase for companies of our territory. Since its first edition 30 years ago, Armada has been a great opportunity to influence the image of our economy.
Several millions of visitors stride along the quays of the Seine river and join this big maritime party. The economic benefits for our companies are important. Merchants and hoteliers work with the purpose of creating an unforgettable moment and showing the world a dynamic and attractive city centre.
At the same time, it is an unique opportunity to gather entrepreneurs of our territory with the aim to exchange and create business meetings around this beautiful event.
The ICC Rouen Metropole is particularly enthusiastic about the idea of taking part again in this global event, which has become the union event of the Seine area.



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