How to arrive?

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"All oceans lead to Rouen", but you can come also by car, train or plane: find all the information to prepare for your arrival.

Armada 2019 takes the initiative to reduce the environmental impact of 6 to 8 millions of visitors during the event, by offering economic, simple and "smart" solutions.

By car

Rouen is connected with Paris through the motorway A13 (130 km), so it is a little over an hour away by car.
The city is connected with Caen, Bretagne, Pays de la Loire and Nouvelle-Aquitaine through the same motorway.
In the North, Rouen is directly connected to the Hauts de France and England through the motorway A28, as well as through the Channel Tunnel. For further information: Normandy motorways (SAPN)

Think of sharing your car! For those who live further than 30 km away from the event, this option is useful and economic. Sign up on as a driver or as a passenger. Another user will probably offer you to share the costs. This a fun, practical and ecological way of travelling.

By bus/ metro

From June 6th to 16th, in order to travel without problems during Armada, the Metropole rolls out an exceptional plan with Reseau Astuce: shuttles, reinforcement of the regular public transport offer, parking relays, multisite point of sale, information centre.

By train

Rouen city is connected by several TGV, Corail and TER trains. (Paris, Le Havre, Marseille, Lyon, Caen, Lille, etc…)

Lines TGV :
Marseille St-Charles - Rouen RD
Lyon - Rouen RD
Big lines:
Paris St-Lazare - Rouen rive droite
Le Havre - Rouen RD
Caen - Rouen RD
Dieppe - Rouen RD
Lille Flandres - Rouen RD
Regional lines:
TER with destination to plenty municipalities of the Haute-Normandy region.

Regarding the information about TER timetables, SNCF provides an exclusive website: Site TER Haute-Normandie

The train station is 15 minutes away on foot to the quays. You have also the possibility of discovering, by "passing by", the sights of Rouen: the Gros Horloge, the cathedral, the views of Rouen... You can also take the metro (Gare-Rue Verte > Théâtre des Arts).

Normandy Region provides accessible and attractive regional public transports.

Haute-Normandie Region, in partnership with SNCF, provides special trains for the Armada every night after midnight, allowing to enjoy all the party.

During the event, there will be people at the train station of Rouen for inform you and address you from 9 h to 19 h. A stand for Armada will be located at the station square.

By ferry

For those who mainly come from England (Newhaven, Portsmouth) to Caen, Le Havre or Dieppe, you can find a wide choice of shuttles to Rouen by road (motorway A13)

By plane

If you come from a country abroad or from a far away French city, opt for the plane. The Rouen Seine Valley Airport and Beauvais Airport welcome include major routes (Béziers, Marseille, Barcelona, Madrid, Venice, Rome, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stockholm) at affordable prices. Find out all the information about timetables, transfers and destinations.
You also have the possibility to land at one of the airports of Paris (Orly or C. de Gaulle) and then take a train at Gare Saint Lazare.

Access to people with reduced mobility

People with reduced mobility can get off at some of the parking lots in the lower part of the quays, closer to the vessels. These parkings will be announced soon.
To reach down the quays, you will find an elevator close to Joan of Arc Bridge.

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