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"All seas leads to Rouen", but you can also come by car, train or plane: here's all the information you need to prepare your visit!

Armada 2023 has taken the initiative to reduce the environmental impact of more than 8 million visitors during the event by offering simple, low-cost solutions.


Bike parks are provided at the site entrances for your personal bikes. Cycling on the Armada site is not permitted (as well as skateboards, rollerblades, scooters...)

Where to leave your bikes:

- Avenue Pasteur,
- Upper quays on the South Bank, between the Guillaume le Conquérant and Jeanne d'Arc bridges.

You can also hire two-wheelers from the Cy'clic network and benefit from the special offer during the Armada (


People with reduced mobility can be dropped off at certain car parks as close as possible to the ships.
These car parks will be announced shortly on the event map.

To access the lower quays, you will also find an elevator at the level of the Jeanne d'Arc bridge and the Gustave-Flaubert bridge.

As in previous editions of the Armada, the Department of Seine-Maritime organizes visits by ferry accessible from the Dieppedalle pier for people with disabilities:


The Normandy Region and SNCF NOMAD Train will transport you to the Armada!

→ Low prices and reductions from Normandy and Paris to get to the Armada by train.

→ An enhanced transport offer to make the most of the festivities. More than 5,000 additional places available to join or leave the Armada! In the evening after the concerts, coaches are provided from Rouen.

→ The train is the choice of mobility that is more respectful of the environment, rejecting 80% less CO2, on average for an equivalent journey by car (Base Carbone ADEME).

Info and purchases on SNCF NOMAD Train

By bus/ metro

From June 8 to 18, in order to allow you to move without making waves during the Armada, the Metropolitan Authority is deploying an exceptional system on the Réseau Astuce network with shuttles, extended transport services, relay car parks, multi-site points of sale and information system.

For further information, please see:, or call +33 (0)


Rouen is linked to Paris by the A13 motorway (130km), and takes a little over an hour by car.
The city is attached to Caen, Brittany, Pays de la Loire and the new Aquitaine by the same motorway.
To the north, Rouen is in direct contact with Hauts de France and England via the A28 motorway, as well as the Channel Tunnel.
For further information, please see: Les autoroutes de Normandie


Consider carpooling! For those who live more than 30km from the event, this option is practical and economic. Register on as a driver or passenger. Another user will ne doubt offer to share the cost of travel. It's a friendly, practical and ecological way to travel.


Right bank:
Drop-off for Visitors:
A quick drop-off point in planned on the quays at the entrance to the tidal gauges (Marégraphes) (opposite the Harbour Master's office).
This secure drop-off point will only be accessible to Taxis, to taxis transporting people with reduced mobility, and to bicycle taxis.

Taxi ranks on the Right Bank:
 Provisional Stations: Rue Dormoy 9 places
Place du Halle aux Toiles station

Existing and redesigned stations:
Quai du Havre Station
Rouen Right Bank train station
Cathedral Station - Rue Grand Pont

Left Bank:
Drop-off for Visitors:
A drop-off point is planned on the quays at the level of the building 108 Métropole Rouen Normandie.
This is to ensure symmetry on either side of PT Flaubert in terms of drop-off points.
This secure drop-off point will only be accessible to Taxis, to taxis transporting people with reduced mobility, and to bicycle taxis.

Taxi ranks on the Left Bank:
Station Angle Quai Cavelier de la Salle - Avenue Jean Rondeaux
Cours Clémenceau station - Hôtel du département
ROUEN Zenith Station

Please refer to the plan or the mobile app for further details.


Passengers coming from England (Portsmouth) to Caen, Le Havre or Dieppe, have a wide choice of crossings with Brittany Ferries or DFDS to get to Rouen.

Following a prefectural decree, traffic on the Seine is prohibited during Armada 2023.


If you come from even further away, opt for the plane. Rouen Seine Valley Airport and Beauvais Airport are served by major French and European airlines at competitive prices.
You can also land at one of the Paris airports (Orly or Charles de Gaulle) and then catch a train to Rouen from Saint-Lazare train station.

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