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In 2019, the association « L’Armada de la liberté » will be celebrating its 30th anniversary and its 7th edition, which is to be held from June 6th to 16th 2019. Millions of visitors are once again expected along the quays of the port of Rouen. They will enjoy concerts, gigantic fireworks and plenty of entertainments. And of course, they will visit the 50 vessels present for free. The finest and largest sailing ships, the most modern warships, and many other outstanding ships, coming from all over the world will have sailed up the 120 kilometers of the River Seine through the magnificent landscapes of Normandy.

From le Havre to Paris, L’Armada has become the major unifying event along the River Seine.

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  • Nautical fleas
    Nautical fleas The Armada will take part to the first "puces nautiques" -nautical fleas- organized for the first time in Rouen! A whole stand will be dedicaded to Armada accessories (stickers, flags etc...)! Join us on June 25th, 2017 on the Waddington island -quays of the Seine-
  • Les Grandes Voiles du Havre
    Les Grandes Voiles du Havre Find the Armada stand at the "Big Sails of Le Havre" - "Les Grandes Voiles du Havre" which will take place from August 31st to September 3rd, 2017, in order to celebrate the arrival of the Tall Ships Regatta, a double transatlantic that brings together the world'
  • Patrick Herr is recieved in embassies
    Patrick Herr is recieved in embassies On Wednesday 31st, 2017, the President of L'Armada was recieved by naval attaches from the embassies of Peru and Poland, in order to prepare Armada 2019.
  • The Navy sponsors the Armada !
    The Navy sponsors the Armada ! In addition to being certified by Sail Training International, the Armada has now the honor to be sponsored by the Navy !
  • The Armada's general assembly
    The Armada's general assembly The Armada's general assembly was held this Wednesday, June 7th in the houseboat called "Pompon Rouge". They all agree to offer you an exceptional event !
  • World Oceans Day
    World Oceans Day This Thursday, June 8th, 2017, we are celebrating World Oceans Day ! Two years from now, on June 6th 2019, the oceans will lead the boats to Rouen for the Armada !
  • The concerts de la Région 2013
    The concerts de la Région 2013 The "Concerts de la Région" for the Armada 2013 were a huge success, during which we saw celebrities like BB Brunes, Madness, Pony Pony Run Run, Mika, Nolwenn Leroy etc...


L'Armada de Rouen @ArmadaRouen
06 Jun
L'Armada de Rouen c'est dans 2 ans ! Rendez-vous du 6 au 16 juin 2019 ! #rouen #normandie #armadarouen2019 https://t.co/4BsZZxl7ax
L'Armada de Rouen @ArmadaRouen
06 Mar
RT @CE_Normandie: #TopChef embarque à bord du @Belem1896, lundi 10 mars à 20h50 sur @m6. http://t.co/akLV51diPt cc @TopchefM6 @ArmadaRouen
L'Armada de Rouen @ArmadaRouen
02 Mar
@Colargole2000 À Rouen !!
L'Armada de Rouen @ArmadaRouen
02 Mar
@franlenoir Non, vous ne vous êtes pas trompé de date ! Tweet destiné à vous préciser qu'il y a le compte officiel...et des contrefaçons :-)
L'Armada de Rouen @ArmadaRouen
02 Mar
@I_Love_LH Bien noté !

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